Dish Cafe, Masterton


🌏 10 First Street, Masterton 5810 New Zealand (View map)

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Jeanne N
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 26-03-2019

Fabulous little gem!

We had breakfast there two days in a row during our stay in Masterton. We thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance there, along with the wonderful food and Staff. Thank you Vicki (one of the owners) who took the time to talk with us - it was a wonderful 'Kiwi' experience - something we miss sometimes on or travels around this beautiful country of ours! We enjoyed a little banter at times with the regulars there as well. The food in our opinion was great - noting that it all appeared to be home made rather than the generic cardboard that often greets us! We will definitely be returning if/when we are down that way again. Thank you :-)
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 14-03-2019

Great place to write a book

I'm writing a book -- it is my first. To do this I will need great coffee, good snack food, and a comfortable atmosphere. DISH Cafe has all these things. There are tables near power outlets, so you can keep your laptop charged. There isn't free WiFi -- which is great! The Internet is a needless distraction for writing. DISH Cafe is the sort of place where you can work quietly and comfortably. Perfect. I am here often -- the gray-haired guy at the corner table, typing away.

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