Eco Lodge Pakowhai


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

🌏 1000 Pakowhai Road, Hastings 4120 New Zealand (View map)

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Irakli Q
⏳ 08-2020

Best hostel in NZ (imho)

I can say i'm lucky about hostels in New Zealand, but for me N1 is Eco Lodge. It is different, cause it's in the forest. Beautiful place, with best host. Yes, John is a man, who knows how to do things and what means to be a great host. You woke up and listening how birds are singing and people are quiet. Cozy place for cozy people. If you are party person, go to public house or club and come back at Eco Lodge when you feel, that you are tired. Take shower and sleep like a child, do not disturb other people.
⏳ 03-2020

best experience and best host !!

I stayed at eco lodge during winter season of 2019 for 5 months, and came back end of feb 2020! I stayed in a few cabins with my friend, and have to say that I ve loved every single thing about the hostel. John has always been there for me, and is always available whenever I had a little question about job opportunities, or to help. The hostel is always clean and tidy, even when its very busy during the big season, it stays clean. In the cabin, I could just spend time by myself when I wanted to, cause there is so much space everywhere, and you do not hear the noise of people partying too ! Love this place, its definitely my home in NZ, and I feel so grateful for John and the hostel !!!
Kelsey Cahill
⏳ 03-2020

Home Away from Home

My husband I stopped in at eco lodge while traveling New Zealand and looking for work. John was super friendly and accommodating, and had work for us a day or two after arriving. We intended to stay for 2 weeks but the atmosphere at this place drew us in and we ended up staying for 2 months. We made a lot of friends that ended up feeling like family, and in the end the eco lodge really felt like home. I would definitely stay again and recommend this place to anyone traveling through. Thanks again John we miss you!
Sian R
⏳ 03-2019

Best Lodge in New Zealand

I simply love this place! I have been here for three months and I am sad to have moved on. My room was perfect as it was only for two people and so flipping cheap at $145 per week. The kitchen, bathroom and other areas are always clean, even if it does get busy but what do you expect in a hostel?! A very important thing is a hot shower which there has always been so thumbs up from me! John, Scott and Jim are amazing! They have done a wonderful job here in making this not just a hostel but a home which for many people it becomes. I have never been out of a job even when one ends they go out of their way to ensure you have a regular income (which is very important as a traveller). The town centre is a 20minute walk or if you cycle even better. Napier is just down the road too. Ta Mata Peak is on your doorstep, what more do you want?! I really cannot recommend this place enough and the people you will meet will become friends for life! …
Emmilie W
⏳ 02-2018

My stay at the Eco Lodge

I stayed at the Eco Lodge for one Month and it was a really nice place. I enjoyed to stay there. John is a really nice men who tried everything to find you a job. I met really nice people and I had a really great time. The kitchen was sometimes a little bit messy but the rooms were clean. The rules was sometimes annoying but you have to deal with it. I would go back any time for staying there and I met also really nice people all around the world.
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