Kimbolton Hotel


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

🌏 2899 Kimbolton Road, Kimbolton 4774 New Zealand (View map)

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⏳ 04-2018

Stop over somewhere off the beaten track

Never been here before and always make a point of stopping somewhere new when we can. This is a gem of a spot in an old historic town - lost in time. But on the way up now a new Sculpture Festival has been organised by a local committee keen to promote the area - starting this weekend! The landlord of this pub make it a big part of the arty renaissance as they are landscaping part of the paddock to be a outside gallery. We camped behind the pub where there were basic facilities and lots of peaceful walks nearby, including the flower gardens and cafes. The pub is dated and frayed but part of Kiwi genuine hospitality of yesteryear. Enter into the spirit of this warm community and you won’t be disappointed. Pub grub and cold beer. A landlord keen on sports. We’ll recommend it!
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