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⏳ 12-2021

Fabulous walk

Wonderful to do this walk. Birds abound great native trees and mot a hard walk, great sea views and the weather is usually good
⏳ 12-2021

Great family time

This track is challenging enough to be fun but still do-able, even with quite young kids. The hut is so cool - need to book ahead though. Take some extra water - just in case, especially in summer. Have fun!
⏳ 12-2021

Worth the effort

We were a group of 7 reasonably fit adults, all aged over 50 and all up for a bit of fun and a challenge.
Between us we had all the equipment needed to stay overnight at the DOC hut at Peach Cove, which we had booked out ( it sleeps 8).[ check DOC website for information regarding the hut].
We left our rental van at the start of the walk as it seemed as good a place as any.
The day we had picked was a scorcher and the first 400 metres of the track has no shade and is straight uphill - we groaned under the weight of our packs and wondered if we had we made a huge mistake?
The track is well maintained and easy to follow- we were only completing the short walk... up and over the saddle,straight along ridge line before dropping straight down to the cove.
They say there are 880 steps down, and your legs will tell you this is likely to be true. Some great vantage points and photo opportunities on the way down.
Going down can be hard going on the legs and it is a relief to get to hut.
The beach is passed the hut and what a beautiful little cove. Not white and sandy but nevertheless picturesque. Great for swimming.
While we were the only ones spending the night the beach was occupied by about half a dozen keen walkers/swimmers.
The walk could easily be achieved as a day excursion. It took us 56 minutes from carpark to beach and 1 hour 6 mins to go the other way. I think it took around 20 minutes of huffing and puffing to climb the stairs in the morning.
I definitely recommend.
Reasonable level of fitness required and absolutely no access for anyone needing special assistance.
⏳ 12-2021

Peach Cove track and hut

We went for the first time last January as a family and loved it. Our kids were 9 and 7 the first time and handled the track really well, it’s an awesome first overnight trek experience for families with young kids as the walk isn’t too long or difficult. We started the walk at 9am and got there in good time with kids and stops they require. We had the entire day, stayed one night and headed on our way back up those stairs out after lunch. Such a great spot, we all loved it. We decided after that first time that this will be a yearly holiday adventure for us as we loved it so much.

This year we invited friends (another adult and three kids). I checked the website a couple of nights before we left and saw there was a water shortage warning. Also, the morning before we left I got a call from Doc to inform me that there was no water there and we would need to take in all our water - it was so great of them to ring. So due to the area having had no rain - the walk was much tougher having to carry all our water, as well as food in for an extra night. We were much fitter and lighter ourselves last year!! :) Which certainly made a difference.

The walk up the hill towards the hut was hard and slow with all our gear for 5 kids and 3 adults split between the 3 adults, the kids all carried their own pack with sleeping bag, clothing and some water and did well (though our 10 year old son struggled for the first uphill part. He’d had a few late nights leading up to it and started off tired and in a bad mental space, there were tears with his struggle. But once he got that under control all was good!). The 860 or so steps down to the hut were slow with such a large heavy load, another of the kids struggled with this part of the track which resulted in more tears going down, but but we all made it unscathed and in good spirits! Getting to the cute hut in that sweet clearing seems like such a reward!

We had a lovely two nights there, although the weather wasn’t as perfect as last year, it was still a great holiday. All the kids enjoyed trying to find the kiwis, but of course were much too loud! Haha It was awesome hearing all the different birds, we wished we knew more about birds to identify who was saying what. We did a lot of snorkelling, although it wasn’t as calm, clear or sunny as last time the kids still enjoyed the snorkelling. There were a lot of stingray in the Cove last time, on each day. I didn’t see any this time, though I’d say the water being quite a bit colder had something to do with that. The kids were convinced they saw many - I think that was perhaps their imagination or desire to want to be the barer of exciting information! ????The other adult and her son were lucky enough to see dolphins just outside of the Cove on their morning swim the first morning we were there. We tried to spot kiwis, but five excited nervous kids are just too noisy! Haha Two say they think they saw one, which I hope they did, and one says he saw one whilst walking back up from the beach in the morning - though with kiwis being nocturnal I’m not sure. Regardless of whether they did or didn’t, they all had an amazing time in our beautiful country amongst it all.

We weren’t too excited about the walk back up the 800m of steep stairs after our tough walk in, but we were all pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t as bad as anyone had anticipated, our packs were all lighter and it made a hell of a difference!

We’ll definitely be back next year.

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