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🌏 Silverdale St Shop 2, Silverdale, Auckland 0932 New Zealand (View map)

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The only place to go for Slow Smoke Roasted Pork Ribs, hearty Roast Meals, addictive Roast Potatoes and Homemade Apple Crumble.
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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 21-09-2021

Loved it - great ribs

Great ribs. Potatoes were also yum. Service was good to. Thought of trying for a long time, glad we did.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 25-05-2018

Delicious roast meals and as good as you'd cook at home.

Best value lunch on the coast and now our first choice lunch spot. As good as our own home cooked roast meal and very generous helpings. Recommend the lunch plate as excellent value for $9.90.Also really lovely and friendly staff
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 30-04-2018

Unexpectedly AMAZING!

I've just moved up from Christchurch and and for the past week my Aunty keeps bugging me to go buy a roast meal at Rib 'n Roast. Everyday she would ask me "Have you tried the roast yet?" So I had to go down there and grab something just to shut her up! It was near closing time so there was just a small amount of roast meat selection left, which I felt wasn't going to be meet any expectations. Between me and my 2 children we ordered just a small roast pork meal with potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, kumara and gravy. Our family's verdict is to put away your kitchen pots and roasting pan, because you no longer need to cook a Sunday Roast EVER! These guys do it way better and the meal was delicious. Even near the end of closing where you'd expect dried out meat and veggies. The pork was tender with crackling still crunchy and the roast veggies very tasty. So this is what my Aunty was ranting and raving about. I think for the quality and quantity of the meal you pay, it's worth it. These days it's just not possible to buy good quality roasting meat and then try to cook it perfectly. You'll save time, money and power by letting these guys do it all for you. Definitely going to get there earlier for the ribs.

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