Sandy Feet Accommodation


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

💵 NZ$44 - NZ$86

🌏 148 Palmers Road New Brighton, Christchurch 8063 New Zealand (View map)

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⏳ 11-2019

Beautiful home at some distance from city center

We stayed as a family of four in the first floor room. Let me start by saying that the room is simply beautiful!! Somebody has taken quite some time and care in decorating it, and it feels so nice to stay in it... :) Ok, now for the review.. Location - It is located about a 15-20 minute drive from the city center, so if you don't have a car (we did), then you may want to keep this in mind. With a car, it should not be a problem. There is a PaknSave supermarket (open till 10 PM) not too far away. When we went, the road in front was being re-built and the locality itself seems to have fallen on hard times (shuttered shops and homes, some homeless people etc.) Having said that, it did not feel particularly unsafe. Price - Very reasonably priced. Services - We stayed in the first floor room (that's the only one that can accommodate 4 persons); we peeped into another room while it was open, and it was equally beautifully decorated as ours! Our room had a small refrigerator, sink, attached bathroom, makeup remover (The host does not want people removing makeup on his towels, as makeup doesn't wash out.. Nice gesture to put makeup remover sachets, IMO). The kitchen downstairs has milk and coffee etc. There is place for 4-5 vehicles inside, and remaining vehicles park on the street outside. The host, Bruce, is a very helpful gentleman, and is all round a nice guy to talk to once you meet him in person. All in all, would recommend this place to anyone who has a car, is looking for a reasonably priced accommodation and is not keen on staying in large hotels/ hostels. …
Jendco Group
⏳ 05-2019

A Good Value, Nice Room Helpful Owner

Had 5 days of business in Christchurch and decided to stay near the beach. This location is about 25-minute walk to the New Brighton Pier and beach. The room was well appointed and while there is NOT a breakfast as some booking sites indicate, there is a full kitchen that can be used until 10 PM. The rooms with a shared bath are the best deals here. This place feels more like a guest house especially since it is a residential neighborhood. The owner is very helpful and has spot on recommendations for activities to do in Christchurch and offers (for a fee) rides to the Airport. We needed an early one and it was no problem to book with him. There are two bus routes, one a 25-minute walk with frequent service and one a 10-minute walk with infrequent service. We purchased a rechargeable bus card which breaks even on the price after about 4 rides. We would probably rent a car if we returned to this location. …
⏳ 07-2018


My five year old son and I came to stay for a week and we enjoyed it very much. The room was beautiful and the heat pump kept the room nice and warm we didn’t feel the -5•C outside. Thank you Bruce! Tyler will miss Bo-Bo very much!
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