Seaview Lodge


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🌏 Seaview Hill Road, Hokitika New Zealand (View map)

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Kiwi lodge from $45 per person per night Sea view Lodge from $50 per person per night Camp sites available from $20 per person per night.
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England Family Travels
⏳ 05-2019

Paranormal activity, Strange but exciting!

We had the best time here! Stayed in a campervan, absolutely beautiful views and 5 min walk from glow worms! We had a lot of fun exploring the asylum which is open to campers to shower and cook! We pretended we was in a horror film! Amazing experience highly recommended!! If you have stayed here in a camper connected to the electricity please let us know if you have experienced odd electrical issues at the site, and going on for a few days after? (We had the van checked no issues at all) We had no explanation other than paranormal activity! During the night our battery was up and down, the lights kept flickering bright and dull, the kids fell out of bed twice and their covers come off then twice! To this day - 4 weeks later we have had nothing since! We were not scared....! Just baffled to why this all happened! Please share your experiences if this has happped to you! X Ps spooky doll is in the asylum ! X …
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