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⏳ 12-2021

To die for!

It’s a cemetery in the middle of a busy intersection K Road & Symonds. Really!
Across from it restaurant, convenient store, hotel. It’s historical place, I was told. People go for a stroll ????????‍♀️ like a park.
⏳ 12-2021

And a road ran through it ...

... Oh yes it did.

This is among the most wonderful and historic locations in all of Auckland; it is the first cemetery in all of Auckland. Imagine the stories those folks could tell ...

This lovely beautiful relic of the past was founded in 1842 (by European standards, that would be yesterday) and this plot of land is composed of four sectors, divided by (guess what?) religion. Did you see that coming?

You got our Anglicans, you got our Catholics, you got our Jews (what?), and you got the 4th section for those who don’t meet the first 3 criteria. So, that would be Presbyterians, Wesleyans, and the general public. I would have figured the Scottish Presbyterians would have scored higher (being that they were Scottish and all) but, that was how it was.

This plot of hallowed ground was closed to burial in 1886.

Fast forward to the 1960’s and progress was on a tear (define that to be: "to separate parts of or pull apart by force"). And by force it was so pulled apart. Roads gotta be built, gosh-darn it.

More than 4,100 bodies of the founders of Auckland were physically displaced and their dug-up remains were re-interred into 2 memorial sites on the cemetery grounds.

Among those removed was the co-author of the historic Treaty of Waitangi (the crown’s buy-out plan for payments to the Maori occupied people). Such a beautiful. special, historically significant place filled with New Zealand’smost important leaders.

Rest in peace, you pioneers.
⏳ 12-2021

Historic Auckland next to Southern Motorway

Symonds Street Cemetary gives a glimpse of a historic Auckland and the people who help found it. Auckland Council and the SSC friends are trying hard to maintain and improve it. It is a pleasant walk around in the City Centre especially if you are staying at the Cordis.

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