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🌏 Akaroa Seal Colony Safari, Akaroa 7542 New Zealand (View map)

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Stay on a real New Zealand farm and share in our love of the land, its plants and animals. Our home is situated 1.5 km up the Takamatua valley, only 5 km from Akaroa. We farm sheep and cattle and usually have a menagerie of animals around. Hanne is a keen horse woman and Danish in origin, speaking the language fluently. Paul is a direct descent of the original French settlers. We invite you to enjoy some good old-fashioned country hospitality in our spacious, yet cosy, farmhouse. A trip to the Akaroa Seal Colony is a must do. Safari includes a scenic drive through a working farm with the farmer.
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⏳ 05-2013

Good room with the Best Fur Seal Encounter

We stayed only one night here to see the (fur)seals. The cosy room had good space with 16m2 and shower room of 3.5m2. On the other hand, we only slept here because an enjoyable evening was spent sitting in the living room with Paul talking about dozens of subjects over a glass (bottle) of wine. Luckily it stopped raining so the next morning, after a hearty breakfast, we jumped in the 4WD and Paul drove us to the very large seal colony located on his own land by the seashore. After having seen several groups of seals and even swam with a few dozen, this was still a very memorable encounter because it was the first truly huge sea colony we have seen. We watched for an hour at the more than a hundred puppy fur seals and adults hopping around the rocks, while listening to the interesting storeys of Paul. One little pup even came up to us and sniffed at our hiking boots! After that we wanted to shear our initials on the side of a sheep, but that was a no-go for Paul; pity for us, but lucky for the sheep! …
⏳ 03-2008

Excellent accommodation in quiet rural location

The farm is 5 to 10 minutes from Akaroa village. Accomodation is excellent, with a separate entrance to main house. Good value for money (full cooked breakfast), evening meal is also an option for an extra $25 per person. Hanne and Paul are friendly hosts and very knowledgeable about the local area; they also run seal tours, and Paul's family have lived in Akaroa for many generations (we found furniture made by one of his ancestors in Akaroa Museum!).
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