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carol J
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 04-11-2021

Well worth the drive

Off track 40 min drive from Clyde but well worth journey.Passing through small towns which run along Otago rail trail. Built in 1882 it was a gold mining town and history tells there is a ghost that only appears to men. It was a cold day on arrival and I was expecting hot soup or casserole but alas that was not to be.However we were greeted by a very hospitable host and she had freshly baked scones and a large carrot cake. The hotel is still in its original state and there is a pool table and photos adorn the walls of curling in the winter. With a hot fire burning in the corner next to the bar you could very easily make yourself at home. Walk through the village with the original buildings and soak up the history. As for the ghost she didn’t show herself to me/ but I am female.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 26-10-2021

Lovely place -great people

A two night stay. The drive from Christchurch was nice and easy, only around 5 hours. When I arrived, I was greeted warmly by the manager Sue. I had booked into Room Number 1 (Rosie's, the ghosts room). The room was very comfortable, as was the bed. I went for a walk on the short track 2km, it's only meant to take 40 minutes but I took around 1 1/2 hours as I started looking for skinks (lizards which I hadn't seen for over 25 years). When I got back I had the most amazing meal of 8 hour braised lamb shanks. As I said I stayed for 2 nights, the second night I was alone in the hotel (a bit eerie). I was disappointed that Rosie never came to see me, but the warmth I received from Sue, V. and Nigel was fantastic. I am planning on going back, hopefully in summer when the lake could be a little warmer. Strange thing was, I took so many photos of the bedroom, both with a camera and my cell phone, not a single one was there when I checked.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 14-07-2021

Unique location and friendly customer service :-)

We visited here on Tuesday late afternoon (13/7/21) while staying in Arrowtown, and enjoyed some delicious mulled wine whilst happily getting to know the friendly locals and their 2 happy dogs :-) I was also curious about room 1 where sadly Rose the ghost still resides, and asked to have a look. The room was very clean and tidy, but the chill factor was absolutely freezing (despite getting all day sun and having a wall panel heater) . When comparing this room to room 2, this room was definitely more eerily still and colder "right through your bones", and this caused a sudden chilly wind gust right throughout the front bar that others noticed as well. Definitely again worth a visit for their yummy mulled wine, we will be back :-)
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 01-07-2021


We visited the Vulcan Hotel as a group of 4 friends, we went there to check out the ghost in room 1. We stayed overnight, the lady that worked there was very friendly and accommodating. She made us some excellent meals, they were big and fairly priced. The rooms are pretty basic but we didn't go there for anything fancy. The blue lake across the road from the Vulcan is an awesome spot to check out too. Thank you ????
vernon x
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 09-04-2021

Excellent Staff Food and Accommodation

We arrived on a sunny afternoon. Viewed the pub from outside and we both went (WOW). Inside we were met my the lovely Sue who advised our was ready and we checked into room 2. Good size room with washing basin, dressing table, a long backed chair and queen bed, 2 bedside tables and lamp in the wall above the bed.Two large windows that had a garden view with roses other plants. We were able to open the windows and prop up, to allow better view and fresh air into the room. Outside our room in the passage way was a little alcove set up with kettle cups coffee, tea and lovely green tea. The bathroom was down end of the passage way with 2 showers and 2 toilets, both were very clean. Plenty of hot water for a good soak. The hotel was busy with people for lunch and people popping in for a drink or 2. Lovely walk around the blue lake, this is a must. Amazing landscape and history.Nice small bar where the locals gather for evening drinks and chat. Dinner at hotel, we had lamb shanks. Absolutely delicious . Breakfast we had continental, very nice. Next night we had ham of the bone with salad, very nice again. We stay 2 nights to explore the area. A Big Thank you to Sue, Yvonne and Bridget for a wonderful stay, a fountain of knowledge on the area and lots of laughter and chats.

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